Our Services

Copyright Protection


We handle the copyright of your movies, series and music  across digital platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion and Facebook so that no-one else can make use of them without your permission.



We ensure that you receive any income created by re-uploaded videos across YouTube and Dailymotion. We maximize your revenue from your Digital content.

Dispute Management


If you are struggling to manage claiming vast amounts of content and have no time to stay on top of people wrongfully claiming your content as theirs, we can ensure that things run smoothly.

Channel Management


We offer channel management services to Musicians, Labels, TV Networks, Media Companies and other premium content owners on YouTube.

Content Distribution


We apply our extensive knowledge of digital rights management in distributing your content on YouTube  and Dailymotion.  We further assist you to distribute your content on iTunes,

Google Play, Spotify, etc.

Channel Optimization


We optimize your channel, so that your videos can reach out to the most number of audiences around the world.